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CCS education offers a motivating and inspiring environment and oppurtunities for every child's comprehensive development-body,mind,heart and spirit.Ordinary children begin to perform extraordinary in such a motivating environment.They are supported in their individual interest and challenged to their highest potencial.
There are serveral reasons for CCS student's success on all fronts .In particular ,CCS has laid a clear and consistent vision from its beginning which is "to inspire every child to become both good and smart".With more emphasis on building the inner tools of success for life .CCS Believes that children in a joyful and values a driven environment perform better excel in all arena of human endeavour.

CCS provides the following most important of education :

Four Building Blocks of CCS Global Education are:
  • Universal Values
  • Global Understanding
  • Excellence in all Things
  • Serving to Humanity

CCS Four Pillars of CCS Global Education are:

  • Knowledge
  • Wisdom
  • Spritual Perception
  • Eloquent Speech

Classwork & Homework:

  • Classwork ,which includes oral work ,written work and class testes ,is taken into consideration for promotion.
  • In all classes ,homework in english ,hindi,mathematics ,science and other optional subjects is given regularly.guardians are requested to see that their children complete their homework regularly.

Junior Section:

In junior section,subjects like general knowlege,moral education ,environmental science and personality development etc.are graded.This grading gives teachers an oppurtunity to assess children's development regularly instead of just twice a year and that too on the basis of marks obtained in tests.Teachers observe the student's behaviour throughout the year and then grade them .This helps students to concentrate more on the core subjects for which they are marked. This step has reduced the stress of examination and has reduced the number of examination days.

CCS Departments:

Physics, English ,Civics, Mathematics, Social Studies ,Chemistry ,Sanskrit, Econmics, History, Physical Education, Biology, French, Commerce, Art, Urdu, Hindi, Geography, Computer, Music .

School Examination and continuous Evaluation:

  • Progress of the students will be assessed on the basis of weekly assesment ,half yearly and annual examination.The marks obtained in these tests will be taken into consideration at the time of determining annual promotion.
  • Promotion is granted on the basis of whole year's work .The aanual examination is a means to reaffirm results of a full year's work.
  • Continuous evaluation is an integral part of the education process and child is appreciated for the following four aspects:attitude,behaviour,effort and improvement.

Progress Report:

Parents are requested to collect progress report of their wards regularly on the dates announced by the school after examination. The reports cards must be returned to the school within 3 days ,failing which a duplicate card will be isued against payment of Rs 100/