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City convent school is a co education school. The school is a non-profit institution.The school lays great stress on moral and spritual education of the chidren and tries to prepare youth with global vision.

The Education Goals of CCS:

  • To promote the well being of each student,recognizing the interconnection of spritual,emotion and physical facilities.
  • To create an ever increasing love and desire in the students for excellence in all things .
  • To discover the talents and potentials of each student and to assit them in developing and refining these qulities
  • To encourage the students to understand and appreciate their inviduality while simultaneously teaching them to love and respect the people of other cultures and races.
  • To establish ,exemplify ,and to expect high moral standards fromall and to awaken the students to their physical environment and natural ecology.
  • To foster the students awareness and their commitment to Global coexistence and interdepence

The Guiding Principal of CCS:

  • The promotion of reverence for the creator through work and example and respect for all people regardless of race ,religion or national background.
  • Promotion of co-operative and consultation as the basis for healthy ,just and mature society.
  • Promotion of the concept of the equality of men and women.
  • Trustworthiness,kindness to others ,services to humanity and personal responsibility.
  • Promotion of the recognition that all human beigns are created noble and education should unfold the righteous qualities in man.

Some Special Features of CCS:

  • Careful attention is given to assure that high qulity learning occurs rather than compliance with only the prescribed syllabus.
  • A blending of various approches are used right from the pre -primary classes to enhance the unique potential and abilities within each individual student ,leading to an increase in their knowledge ,wisdom,spritual perception and eloquent speech.
  • Our class room extends beyond the school campus to include as integral partsof the learning process ,the participation of all kinds of curricular and co-curricular events,activities and contests the various levels andalso use the talents of outside educational experts .We organize many educational contestes to encourage and enhance the various facilities of our students and make them worthy citizens.
  • CCS focuses on multi cultural learning which will help to learn diversity and see the common link between different people of the world.
  • CCS provides oppurtunity through its assemblies to learn all about the great religions of the world with attitude of respect an acceptance.
  • There is a balance of competitive and non competitive activities with an empahasis of respect for common group goals and values inall activities.
  • An exploration of ways to effectively utilise individual abilities and aspirations,combined with attention to the development of the whole person.
  • CCS teaches the art of loving consultation as a means of creative conflict resolution.
  • Participation in a variety of physical activities such as games,sports ,cooprative games and physical fitness activities that promote healthy life long pursuits.
  • CCS organize various seminars ,workshops and consultation to explore the various possibilities for continous development of our children's possibilities .
  • Opportunities for developing the art of public speaking is provided in the assemblies to large number of children apart from speech and hoppy clubs.
  • CCS gives a lot of importance to education of art and music which are expressions of the beauty of the soul.
  • Regular evaluation of the students is made on their overall progress which includes behaviour ,personal effort ,teamwork as well as academic achievments.